Edmonton Urban Coyote Project

Edmonton Urban Coyote Project

Maureen Murray (Ph.D. 2015) co-led the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project between 2009 and 2015.  She is now a PDF at the University of Georgia.  The five publications from Maureen’s dissertation can be found on ResearchGate or, in some cases, via links below. To access articles via ResearchGate, type the article title into your browser and look for the pdf in the links that result.

Predictable features attract coyotes to residential yards (Murray and St. Clair 2017)

Urban Compost Attracts Coyotes, Contains Toxins, and may Promote Disease in Urban-Adapted Wildlife (Murray et al., 2016, Ecohealth)

Individual flexibility in nocturnal activity reduces risk of road mortality for an urban carnivore

Greater consumption of protein‐poor anthropogenic food by urban relative to rural coyotes increases diet breadth and potential for human–wildlife conflict (Murray et al., 2015, Ecography)

Poor health is associated with use of anthropogenic resources in an urban carnivore (Murray et al. 2015)