Final Forum of the Grizzly Bear Conservation Initiative

The Final Forum took place in Banff on 25-27 January 2017.  We presented our research results to the public as posters at an open house and as brief oral presentations preceding an invited workshop that targeted railway professionals, wildlife managers, and academics.  Summaries of these presentations are linked below to the students and post-doctoral fellows (PDFs) who led each component.

Jonathan Backs, Ph.D. Candidate

Train detecting warning system

Test of warning system

Evaluation of sensory information

Alyssa Friesen, M.Sc. (September 2016)

Comparative use of linear features

Aditya Gangadharan, PDF (to April 2017)

Assessment of agricultural products (Workshop Summary)

Patrick Gilhooly, M.Sc. (September 2016)

Highway mitigation and railway collisions

John B. “Jack” Hopkins, III, PDF (to December 2014)

Rail use revealed by bear hair

Maureen Murray, PDF (to August 2015)

Rail use and bear diet

Sonya Pollock, Ph.D. Candidate

Rail-associated vegetation enhancement

Rail-associated toxicants

Rail-associated bear movement

Julia Put, B.Sc. (April 2014)

Food conditioning by squirrels?

Colleen Cassady St. Clair, Professor

Summary of U of A Bear Project

This project is funded by the Canadian Pacific / Parks Canada Grizzly Bear Conservation Initiative with matching funding from a Collaborative Research and Development Grant Grant, an industrial partnership program of the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada. cropped-niels-bears-on-tracks1.png