Movement Behaviour

Several students have studied movement behaviour in fragmented habitats.  These studies have addressed birds and mammals in landscapes that include the tropical forest of Western Ghats, the dry forest of Costa Rica, the urban landscape of Calgary, AB, as well as agricultural landscapes and protected areas.

The most recent of these studies was conducted by Aditya Gangadharan (Ph.D. 2015) who studied movement of mammals through the Shencotta Gap of southern India.  His papers can be found as pdf’s via ResearchGate.

  • Planning connectivity at multiple scales for large mammals in a human-dominated biodiversity hotspot (Gangadharan et al. 2017 Nature Conservation)
  • Categorizing species by niche characteristics can clarify conservation planning in rapidly-developing landscapes (Gangadharan et al. 2016 Animal Conservation)

Additional students who studies movement behaviour, habitat selection, and related topics concerning human-dominated landscapes are listed below.  Their publications can be found on Google Scholar or ResearchGate.

Marie Tremblay (Ph.D.)

Cam Gillies (Ph.D.)

Heather Hinam (Ph.D.)

Jesse Whittington (M.Sc.)

Aswea Porter (M.Sc.)

Wayne McDonald (M.Sc.)